PP Twinning Project

National Review Commission of Slovenia has organised a light twinning project regarding EU integration process of Serbia, where the European Commission provides assistance to support the reforms in Serbia. The project purpose is to improve the system for protection of public procurement procedures. Our job was to design a corporate identity & website that would promote the cooperation between Slovenia and Serbia.

Twinning Cover Image

So, if we try to simplify the situation, for the sake of translation to the graphic language, lets say that we would like to make a visual metaphor of Slovenia – Serbia collaboration, helping each other and joining forces. In terms of graphic language we went for something obvious, but in not that obvious way. We’ve tried to find a symbol that emphasises cooperation between the countries and came to the the term ‘to give someone a hand’. And we’ve started sketching:

Twinning sketch

Joining hands was a nice gesture to show the meaning, but we needed a third symbol to give this meaning some content – what does it apply to. It needs to say something about Slovenia and Serbia, and the letter S was our initial thought. Can we combine letter S with our hand-gesture? I guess we can – we have drawn a letter S with some hands in its negative space and it looked quite nice. A few extra touches and we came to something like this:

S letter-mark

The client loved it, and so did the vast majority of people that it was shown to.

So, now we had to design the so-called fifth element for the clean surfaces, maybe a pattern, something graphic to make it recognisable, but still meaningful. How can we apply this logic of Slovenia – Serbia here? Well, we were thinking in terms of joining two symbols, possibly one in geometrically-structural way, and the other in graphic-raster way. We had in mind that our government has some triangle shapes, that represent our tallest mountain Triglav, in its corporate identity (wonderfully designed by Gigodesign), so we were thinking if we can somehow reply to that. And came to the idea of joining picture of Belgrade (Serbia’s capital) in triangle shapes of (Slovenian famous mountain) Triglav:

Belgrade in Triglav

Now, that looks quite nice, both the client and us quite liked the result. Now the only thing that’s missing is some decent and hi-contrast font combination and colour system. We’ve decided to go with these fonts:

Twinning Fonts

And these colours:

Twinning ID colours

Now that the graphic system is set lets move to the end products: a trifold brochure, a roll-up banner, and a landing page.

Tri-fold brochure

Also, the client asked if is possible to get the banner and brochure as templates, so we’ve prepared a few form-based PDFs that client can just fill out -without worries about proper text formatting.

The website is set up in WordPress environment, so that the client can easily manage the content and publishes news independently.

Twinning website

Tri-fold brochure back

The project was done in collaboration with my colleague designer Sara Mušič who helped me with the logo and ID design.