REAM, real estate portal

This is a project where we’ve designed user interface for a real estate web site.

Unfortunately, during the crisis there has been a lot of stranded projects in real estate and construction businesses, therefore the banks got quite some capital in form of real estates and they might get it even more in the future. So the logical solution was to set up a real estate selling website, that would offer the real estates, owned by the bank, to the interested public.

Ream is a real-estate brand of Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB d.d.). The project was managed & executed by Creatim d.o.o., and designed by Studio Žetko.





My job was to co-design the wireframe & basic user-flow and set it up as a fully functional visually designed UI, that takes in consideration company’s rules of corporate identity.

When user lands on the home page, the first thing that she/he sees is the exposed real estate and a search engine. The website’s user experience is based on using site’s search engine, reading its results, and being able to access the chosen estate as quick and hassle free as possible.





The client was satisfied with the results in terms of whole experience, as well as looks and consistency regarding their corporate ID. The website is up and running, and is now managed by the client.