AMZS, website redesign

AMZS is a Slovene national driver association with long tradition. They were looking for someone to redesign their website with one primary goal – to increase membership sales. The best way to do so is, in our opinion, by being useful to drivers by providing them with all the relevant travel & car-maintenance information in one hand, and promote relevant benefits of being a member in other. We wanted to promote AMZS as your reliable partner on the road.

AMZS executed a public procurement (javno naročilo) where they were looking for a private partner, to do the redesign. Therefore the Creatim d.o.o. asked Studio Žetko if we would like to apply our proposal for the project — and we won.

AMZS website redesign - homepages

Challenges & priorities

Although AMZS has a lot of useful information to offer, the previous website just didn’t do the job very well, because it grew ‘organicly’, adding more and more content without a strategy. Through time it became very hard to use, for both, the moderators and end-users. Our main challenges were:

  • organising data and content into useful and consistent user experience,
  • to create a useful platform for gaining travel information and taking care of personal vehicles,
  • and of course to communicate the benefits that AMZS members has.

AMZS website redesign

After we have identified and prioritised our goals and main conversions, we came to conclusion that the best option was to create a web-site, that consists of five major web-pages:

  • Main homepage,
  • Motorevija (auto-moto e-magazine),
  • Safe driving center,
  • Driving school,
  • Sports.

AMZS website redesign - phone

The result of everything mentioned above is a contemporary website, focused on user and its needs. The user has access to all the relevant information regarding traveling, traffic and car maintenance on one hand and everything regarding driving school and safe driving on the other. Providing all the necessary information is the best way to build trust between the user and the brand.


The project was managed and executed by our partner/client Creatim d.o.o.

Creatim d.o.o.