Fields of Expertise

Most of my work is in user experience and user interface design, which is usually closely connected to brand communication and an over-all experience strategy. I can help you throughout the process of designing and executing your digital experience strategy by doing research, defining the problem and setting the goals we want to achieve together, both short- and long-term ones. I can outline your priorities and guide you, step by step, on how to implement the changes that will make your organisation or service more user-centric.

User Experience & Visual Communication Design Studio


Experience Design

Good experience has its foundation in a well-determined problem. Therefore, I usually begin by getting to understand the specific case, so that I can understand what you, as my client, is doing and how, before beginning to propose any specific solutions. After defining the company’s core problem, I start on the research to define our common goals and validating them with target audience. When our goals are defined and validated, I start to translate those into the visual language of a user interface. The process begins by forming the website’s wireframe structure by defining the general user flows and then continue by defining the main conversions and call-to-actions. One of the constant goals is to remove as much friction as possible between the user and the interface that they are using to reach their goal. We achieve that by validating and testing during our creative process.


User Interface Design

When the main user flows and call-to-actions are defined, I start to translate that wireframe into a more graphic mockup, where it starts to look like the finished product. In the first step the brand guidelines such as colours, fonts and composition systems are applied, and then, through several iterations, we polish the product to make it not only functional but also visually appealing. Throughout the user interface design I have to maintain a balance between the functional and emotional experience –not only solving the problem, but solving it in a pleasant way.


Brand Design

If the user interface design is the ‘how’, then identity design is the ‘who’. The user has to remember where they found the solution to their problem, and identity design is the best tool to do this. The goal here is usually to set up a brand in a way that it can become synonymous for solving that problem on the one hand, and to appear in a pleasant and memorable way on the other. An important part of ID design is knowing exactly where the brand will appear, who will operate with it and how.


Design Consultancy

I can help you create a digital strategy that is focused on reaching specific goals and becoming more focused on the user and their needs. It is my passion to understand both, the human aspect as well as the technology aspect, and it makes me happy to see my client (and their users) happy. You can expect me to outline your priorities and give you guidance, step by step, on how to implement those changes.




Feel free to contact me with any question regarding websites, user experience, branding, graphic design or even if you’re not quite sure what exactly your problem is – I’m here to help.